Sunday, November 16, 2008

Radio interview with Sen. Dodd goes viral on internet

  • Appearance Clear Channel tried to protect a liberal democrat, for scorekeepers over at Media Matters for Millionaires. The internet is viral for good or ill, especially if you're a Connecticut senator:

(NY Times): "A striking example came last week, when Clear Channel Communications tried to force a Web site in Connecticut to take down an audio recording, only to have the recording pop up on dozens — if not hundreds — of other sites within days.

Mr. Dodd of misconduct in getting a mortgage, which Mr. Dodd vehemently denied.

  • The station did not broadcast the interview as scheduled. Mr. Scott said the station had withheld the recording because of repeated clashes between him and a producer."...

Clear Channel confirms the dispute with the producer, and says

  • WELI did not broadcast the interview because Mr. Scott quit. Mr. Scott said he left by mutual agreement,
  • but after the station held up the broadcast.
Last Tuesday, the recording turned up on a local Internet news site, The New Haven Independent, along with an article about the episode at WELI."... via Radio Daily News
  • (Sen. Dodd's actions with Countrywide are a matter of sad but apparently limited public record.) sm

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