Saturday, November 15, 2008

Imus show at Rhode Island Convention Center, 11/14

"Journalist Mike Barnicle is the first guest. While talking about being inspired by Barack Obama, Imus gets irritated again and calls Barnicle a liberal wussy. Actually, he uses a different letter than the “w.” In response, Barnicle points at the backdrop for 790-radio and says of Imus, “How appropriate is it that he is seated in front of a screen that says, ‘True Oldies.’ ”

  • That’s a running joke on the show –– cracks about Imus’ age: 68. But it says a lot that in a business that skews young, he’s still one of the edgier big voices

Imus’ political putdowns apply to all ideologies. During the morning, he calls Hillary Clinton “Satan” and Joe Biden a “weasel”, but he also lambastes “right-wing idiots.”"... via Radio Daily News

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