Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jenks vs K-rod from Mets view--Ken Davidoff

(Newsday, Ken Davidoff): "...people in the loop say Omar Minaya is wary of investing a huge contract in free agent Francisco Rodriguez and is intrigued by the idea of trading young talent to Chicago for Jenks. An official from an American League club -- not the Angels or White Sox -- opines that the Mets would be better off giving up high-level prospects for Jenks than throwing big dollars at K-Rod....
  • As for K-Rod, "His velocity has decreased more than Jenks'," the official said. "K-Rod's effectiveness now is based on his changeup. He's got the deception of his motion. I think the wear and tear that he's got with his motion is something to look at. He's still got the good slider, but if you can look up in the zone with him, you'll have a chance."...
If the Mets decide they don't want to give up the youngsters necessary to get Jenks, and if K-Rod scares them off too much, free agent Brian Fuentes is the obvious compromise choice."..."Bobby Jenks a Better Option for Mets"

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