Sunday, November 16, 2008

Murdoch--Newspapers too focused on awards and agendas

(Aust. Broadcasting Corp.): "He (Rupert Murdoch) says some newspapers have become too focused

  • at the expense of circulation.

But Mr Murdoch says the newspaper, or its very close electronic cousin, will always be around if they providers readers with what they want.

"We are moving from newspapers to news brands. For all of my working life, I have believed that there is a social and commercial value in delivering accurate news and information in a cheap and timely way," he said.

"In this coming century the form of delivery may change, but the potential audience for our content will multiply many times over."

He says papers are running stories reflecting their own interests

"When I started out in the business anyone who dared parade a prize for excellence

  • would have been hooted out of the newsroom for taking himself too seriously," he said.

Papers may be losing money, losing circulation, and laying off people left and right,

  • but they will have a wall full of awards -
(This is also the overwhelming impression I receive when visiting a major journalism site, very focused on awards and who receives them, not at all on surrounding factors such as names and backgrounds of judges. The political and cultural bias is automatic and total). sm
  • P.S. The chance that newspapers will change from what Murdoch described is in my opinion, less than zero.

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