Friday, September 12, 2008

Holtzman's 'Save Stat' could only be earned with at most a 2-run lead

  • Holtzman did not invent the 'save stat' used to publicize regular season 'saves' today. His rule was:
  • tying or winning run had to be on base.
Jerome Holtzman, 2002 in Baseball Digest: "I invented the first formula for saves in 1960, in my fourth season as a baseball beat writer. At that time there were only two stats to measure the effectiveness of a reliever: earned run average and the win-loss record. Neither was an appropriate measure of a reliever's effectiveness.
  • to the previous pitcher;"...
With this statement, Holtzman assumes a 'save' stat seeker would at times enter a game
  • with runners on base
  • put there by an earlier pitcher.
  • Add to that another layer of difficulty:
(Holtzman): "Initially, to earn a save,
  • and finish the game with the lead.
The following season, the degree of difficulty lessened: It is a mistake to credit or blame Jerome Holtzman with today's scenario focused solely on the regular season total save stat.

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