Friday, September 12, 2008

Despite Frankie Rodriguez' campaign boosters at MLB, he didn't do what Thigpen did.

  • Comparing 1990 for Thigpen and 2008 for Krod (through 9/11/08), "History" is not being made. History is being made a joke.
  • K-rod has had *21* more save "opportunities" than his nearest AL competitor in that category, Joe Nathan, who has 42.
  • This is not about Krod the closer or how Krod did something better than Thigpen (or even Joe Nathan).
  • It's about the need for authoritative independent baseball reporters without ties to a newspaper or MLB.com.
Multi-inning appearances:
  • Thigpen 18
  • Krod 0
Entered w. Runners on base
  • Thigpen 21
  • Krod 8
2.2IP Save
  • Thigpen 1
  • Krod 0
2.0 IP Save
  • Thigpen 3
  • Krod 0
1.2 IP Save
  • Thigpen 2
  • Krod 0
1.1 IP Save
  • Thigpen 5
  • Krod 0
.2 IP Save
  • Thigpen 4
  • Krod 2
.1 IP Save
  • Thigpen 1
  • Krod 4
3.0 IP WIN
  • Thigpen 1
  • Krod 0
If it's all the same thing, why didn't Krod do it the way Thigpen did? The Angels would need another entire person to do it the way Thigpen did. Why isn't this fact controlling the headlines since it's true? This is similar to the Mark McGwire hype when he "equaled" Roger Maris' record.
  • P.S. K-rod has had the luxury of long knowing his team would be in the post season,
  • allowing him to focus on personal stat accumulations, not having to worry about multi-inning appearances with runners on, and the pressure of a
  • pennant race down to
  • the last days of the season.
(Teams in deadlocked pennant races do not have the luxury of providing their closer with custom-designed "save opportunities." )

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