Friday, September 12, 2008

The "media" run the game, per Billy Beane

Why the publicity on the total save stat and the use of some closers who only pitch the 9th inning: (SO WHAT? Who cares? The media "guys" should have absolutely nothing to do with managerial decisions. Billy Beane is saying they do and that managers make decisions because of the media's reaction. Are Billy Beane and other managers a bunch of weaklings?)

"The position

It became a national story when Boston announced it would go with a bullpen by committee.""...

  • ('Has become' means it evolved. Someone started it. Who?)
Tom Verducci in SI.com echos Beane's assessment: I understand the media likes to feel important and this kind of thing allows them to do so. I question the ethics of anyone who would seek a job like this, being part of gang tactics, in the first place.

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