Friday, September 12, 2008

A Yankee coach knew an intangible was missing, enthuses about it.

On the absence of Posada and his leadership style, hitting coach Kevin Long says: Fine, we've heard this about Posada in prior years, that he was Jeter's 'enforcer.' Fine, Posada wasn't there and here's the hitting coach of the Yankees whose own performance this year was at best embarrassing.
  • Under the circumstances, such an individual should be subdued and circumspect in his comments and should probably not be speaking about the performance of the team as a whole. But he's bubbling that Posada's absence is one of the reasons the team failed this year.
If Kevin Long wanted to make himself useful, he could've become that missing enforcer, or conveyed the need to management. This is an organizational problem that will last as long as Hal and Hank are in charge. This is their mark. (sm)

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