Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jerry Seinfeld with Steve Somers on WFAN tonight

Seinfeld, having long ago called in to Somers' show on WFAN as "Jerry from Queens," makes another of his call-in guest appearances tonight, has views on Arod, Willie Randolph and baseball in general. (In the past I've heard him say he's a Mets fan).
  • He loves Willie Randolph, his discipline and approach. Also liked the 'no facial hair' policy and wants Willie to reinstate it.
Seinfeld's theories on why some fans don't like Arod:
  • 1. He takes a big breath before every pitch.
  • 2. He's too handsome.
He thinks people shouldn't take outcomes so seriously, it's supposed to be a game. Somers brings up the emotion fans have and the 2 agree on that. But Jerry says it's phony emotion about which you get phony depression, then get phony over it. Seinfeld says he'd be a good RBI man as he doesn't feel pressure in high stakes situations, eg. live performances, etc.
  • He still sees the curve ball Carlos Beltran perhaps should've learned how to hit before he got to the plate that night. He wants to take some listener calls before he goes (it's approaching 9PM), so first up is Jerome from Manhattan, whom Seinfeld was eager to talk to, says he's one of his favorites. Unfortunately, Jerome didn't have anything special to say to the guest, just wanted to say Cashman should give Rivera 4 years, didn't want to use his time on the air to engage with Seinfeld, just wanted to talk to Steve about the Yankees. Next caller brought up some stuff about Bonds which Seinfeld thought was interesting but wanted Somers to expand on his views on the subject. Seinfeld says Steve is his sports guru.
P.S. A couple of years ago I heard Seinfeld say the difference between Mets fans and Yankee fans. He said.
  • Mets fans HAVE a personality.
  • Yankee fans NEED a personality.

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