Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Synchronized Yankee bashing on ESPN/MLB platforms again

The key phrase, The Yankees can spend more than "ANNNYYYY OTHERRR TEAMMM" delivered by Tim Kurkjian on ESPN platforms in shrill and urgent tones (as I posted here 8/4/07), and the hopeless saga accentuated by Charley Steiner on XM is till going strong today with Steiner and Scott Miller....
  • Steiner's chat opens with the topic of Clemens and the exciting revelation that the Yankees are the only team able to pay that kind of dough for that kind of production.
HANDING THAT KIND OF OPENING TO SCOTT MILLER HAD TO MAKE HIS DAY. Miller says, other teams look at that money and dream what they could spend it on...... (anyone crying? sm). And--A TOTALLY NEW, CREATIVE IDEA IN BASEBALL AND RADIO FROM MILLER..."the money gives them (the Yankees) a chance to gamble more than other teams do." Wow, how enriching to the baseball fan, this idea.
  • Finally Steiner says, the Yankees have "MORE MONEY THAN AAANNNNNYYYYYY-BODY."
Shockingly, Scott Miller says, RIGHT, ANY--BODY!"
  • Why is this idea sold round the clock in baseball media? As I've suggested before, no one is in charge at Yankee headquarters to put a stop to it.

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