Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Chien Ming Wang, "The Yankees' Best"--John Sterling

John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman are probably the only 2 broadcasters who've seen every pitch thrown by any Yankee pitcher going back at least 13 years in both regular and post season. So, they happen to know a few things about this team. After today's (must-win) game by Chien Ming Wang, John Sterling referred to him as "the Yankees' best," and why not. In fact, he was projected to be that at least as far back as Feb. 2006, stated by Jorge Posada in spring training and noted on this blog--this was even when big, bad Randy Johnson was still on the staff....
  • Wang's winning formula:
  • 17 GROUND-OUTS, including 3 Ground ball double plays
  • 3 FLY-OUTS
Congratulations to Chien Ming Wang. The Yankees were on the brink and he brought them back. Don't be fooled by the final score--it was a nail-biter for much of the game until the Yankees started to hit.
  • On second thought, I have to say Andy Pettitte is at least as worthy of the title, "the Yankees' Best" as Chien Ming Wang. Andy has brought the team back from the brink countless times himself. The team, still firmly on the edge of a cliff, needs both of them. (sm) 9/5/07

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