Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Notes from the day hearing WFAN and 1010 the Beast

Mike and Chris back together on WFAN finally, catching up on baseball happenings. They go over the Joba/Youkilis fracas, neither let Joba off the hook (for the record). Chris maybe not quite up to date, said unlikely Joba made the bad throws by accident, especially considering he hadn't given up any walks in the majors. The mlb stats I checked say Joba Chamberlain has given up 4 walks, so he is capable of imprecision. That's my only point.
  • My other point is about 1010AM 'The Beast' (WQYK) in Tampa, which runs promos saying it's the Tampa home of Yankee baseball. It usually doesn't run day games, although it did run yesterday's day game but without the pre- or post-game show. Tonight, it didn't run the Yankee game, opting for either local or Sporting News radio coverage of Nascar interviews. I listened to the XM Yankee feed, periodically checked 1010, and finally they did pick up the game. I can't say exactly when, but then they cut out before the post game show. Aside from Yankee fans like myself not getting to hear the programming, I hope Yankee management is aware they're not getting full coverage from the Tampa station that promotes itself as the Yankee station.
On that point, XM often doesn't carry the Yankee post game show (when Yankees are the home team). They did carry it tonight, but sometimes they just switch to taped re-runs. Normally, I happen to like re-runs of interesting programming, but can I please have my post game show? Thanks.

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