Saturday, September 01, 2007

St. Petersburg Times writer endorses hatred against the Yankees

Without substantiation, the St. Petersburg Times writer says:
  • "In the world of sports, no team is more hated than the Yankees."
It's hip to use the word "hate." Assuming his statement is true (which is only an assumption), why doesn't he come up with some better ways of reporting American culture? Anybody can use the words "hated" and "Yankees" in the same sentence--it's what keeps the internet and the Baseball Thought Police busy and happy. And destroys American culture every day. (Which is helpful on the way to a totalitarian state).
  • By the way, I suggest to the guy in the article whose personal property was destroyed, when they catch the perpetrator do the following: have his hands cut off, find his parents, put them in labor camps for the rest of their lives. How much crime would there be if punishment like this were enacted?
Lame statement from Thomas Lake article in St. Petersburg Times, 8/30/07, "Pasco: His team denigrated, Yankees Fan Going Home." (Of course, this headline is misleading, too).
  • Via a poster on Peter Abraham's Lohud Yankee blog.

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  • As a Bronx born, NYY fan for 50 years, I grasp why people from other Major league cities don't root for the Yankees. I get the intense dislike. But the red herring of high payroll & ' they get all the best players,' is sheer baby talk. And untrue.

    Whatever the Yankees are, other than the winning-est & best sports franchise ever, unlike the Boston club, they are NOT hypocrites. Even mediocre teams make money when the Yankees come to town, and they play better v. the Yankees.

    Proof of that is a matter of record. You could look it up. . ..

    By Blogger Juke, at 12:59 AM  

  • Absolutely correct, Juke. When do we get an exact accounting of what our $100 million in rev. sharing and lux. tax has been spent on? Instead of focusing on their own cheap owners like billionaire Carl Pohlad,the media lean on the Yankees and their fans. The fans have got to speak up and stop this. I appreciate your comment.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 1:19 AM  

  • Completely agree with you on this. How the media portrays the Yankees and their fans is disgusting, but pales in comparison to how we are treated by the rest of society.

    By the way, great blog. Love how you talk about the media and all the ridiculous stuff that they pull.

    By Blogger Mithrandir, at 8:52 AM  

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