Friday, August 31, 2007

Things heard on the radio in the past 2 days

I lose WFAN (in daylight) before getting to Pennsylvania, but will get it back in a few hours when it's plenty dark, maybe by Virginia. So I listen to Phillie radio, have heard WIP before, hear Jodie Mac's voice on a different station--I think 950 AM, and he's getting happy Phillies fans after the Met game which was monumentally depressing for me. I'm a Yankee fan, but if the Mets are playing someone else right now I want them to win. I just feel for that team--I don't know as much about it as a regular fan, but I'm plenty peeved at both Carlos's. Also, I'm not always convinced any manager calls all the shots so I'm not sure Willie Randolph is to blame for trotting Shawn Green out there all the time. I never want to see his face again.
  • Continuing south, I get to WBAL 1090 and a little Orioles talk. (Whoever they have on there is very good). They said Miguel Tejada's defense is a big problem, and he should move to third base or else the team should trade him. I heard part of a discussion of a MASN, something about ownership impeding candor of on-air personnel.
I fall into a depression every time I see the highway sign with Ripken's name on it. You realize, of course, he will eventually run for US Senate at the very least.
  • For the next few hours, I listen to XM baseball games. The Seattle-Cleveland makeup game was a nail-biter.
I cannot listen the XM morning show, but since I'm stuck in the car and it's 7 in the morning, I turn it on, am horrified as usual. I'll have to speak about it another time. I don't like living in a communist state, where all information is filtered through 1 source. Baseball is now like a creaking Soviet Republic--if you're one of those in charge of language and culture, you're hanging on pretty good. And fully believing you yourself deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.
  • I finally arrive in Tampa, and 1010AM which says it carries the Yankees is, of course, not carrying them tonight. Football. I now listen to XM baseball.

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