Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Orestes Destrade on WFAN with Mike and Chris

Orestes was on Tuesday afternoon explaining a lot about baseball in Japan--he played there successfully for a few years. Hopes Japan will start paying their players better, allow them to make moves earlier in their careers. Says they're quite nasty in negotiations with young players. High school baseball is very big there, many take 2 weeks off a year just to follow high school play (which of course means pitchers get used a lot very young). 'O' said Hideki Matsui's former team there was the equivalent of the Yankees, and Matsuzaka's team is their #1 rival, although in a different league.
  • Turns out Orestes had more accurate information than Bud Olney, Buddy Olney, or Buster Olney. Mike and Chris praised Orestes' work, were very enthusiastic speaking with him, and said they'd learned a lot from the interview. This is in stark contrast to the way Orestes is treated by the haughty Mark Patrick on XM's morning show, where he's belittled, often cut off, & referred to as "the Latino" by Patrick. This, of course, means Patrick won't allow Orestes to contribute any meaningful information about Mariano Rivera, about whom Mark Patrick, like most others on XM (except Chuck Wilson) is utterly contemptuous.

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