Monday, November 13, 2006

It seems to say they'll announce on the 14th by 5PM NY time

 "Seibu announced that the board of directors which is conferred on the 13th, concerning the acceptance of proposal from the major league club for the Matuzaka Daisuke pitcher (26), is opened 14th morning. The reply time limit 15th at 7 o'clock in the morning (American time 14th 5 o'clock in the afternoon), answers on major league side via the Japanese commissioner executive office.

 Matuzaka aimed toward the major league transfer with of [posuteingushisutemu], (bid system) made public the fact that it is acquisition possible to each club. Seibu was notified the highest proposal amount which is exposed to the transfer gold on the 9th, but it does not publish the amount.

  •  That Seibu, if the amount is revealed, most being large amount, comes to the point of knowing that it can bid successfully the club which proposal is done is contrary to the rule of [posuteingushisutemu] we have assumed. Because of this, until Matuzaka makes a contract with major league club, there is a possibility of not publishing the amount.

so we'll I guess wait til Tuesday. There might be something of interest here.

Sanspo.com, div. of Sankei Sports, google translation, 3:50AM EST

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