Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lack of Yankee blogs dealing with real issues, not just reactions

I can't find any Yankee blogs that take on the real issues facing the team. Some are very informative, provide great services, but are unwilling to follow up on the biggest problems in baseball and therefore for the Yankees, its players, and its fans. I see waswatching.com mentions the Bud Selig/John Henry connection, but doesn't follow up. That blog covers a lot of ground, I can't expect it to do everything, but other blogs could investigate this kind of topic.

  • There are several interesting Red Sox blogs that look into behind the scenes things more frequently. Their one drawback is not really their fault--the controlling media has sold them a bill of goods so relentlessly, they're unable to be objective.
From waswatching.com: "Of course, the player, his agent, and the owners of the team in Japan can moan over this move. But, to who? To Bud Selig? Really?

Selig has been bending rules in favor of Red Sox owner John Henry for a long time now. Why should he change now?

Pretty clever, indeed."

Posted by Steve Lombardi at 10:51 AM" Nov. 11, 2006

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