Sunday, November 12, 2006

Monday, November 13th in Japan, (loose translation)

Everyone has access to this info, not that it's entirely understandable, but there are some intriguing phrases (for those of us in the proletariat who wait for scraps from the table):
  • "“With atmosphere inside the club which is seen at present time, until all contracts end, that (the highest proposal amount is not published), you think”

 Matuzaka's attitude problem which the world observes on the 13th, faces the new aspect. The seibu side you open board of directors, deciding acceptance. It was seen that the highest proposal amount which it can be wrapped in the veil is finally ascertained but this day, club staff denied this.

 Scot [borasu] Matuzaka's representative is served (53) there is existence in the background. If the fact that club side accepts is notified to major league mechanism, successful bid club obtains the monopolistic negotiation right 30 days of Matuzaka. But when Seibu before that makes the amount clear, “influence is exerted on negotiation with the successful bid club and [borasu]”, that fear does.

 You said the Seibu Ota owner vicarious execution in interview of 1 days “it examines at the stage where amount is decided”, the thought, but the possibility also this speech becoming front word withdrawal being high, as for club to either Matuzaka and the representative proposal amount not conveying. In rule of [posuteingushisutemu], publication of the successful bid amount it is not required, but because e.g., every day various guesses flow, it involves also many fans through the Japanese-American media, the Seibu “secret principle” may expand the ripple.

 Not to mention [borasu] fears from the front of American club as an ability. If proposal amount is high, [borasu] insists if “just that is the player who is the value which is paid, naturally, also Matuzaka's contract money should make high”, that. Being low conversely, “still acquisition fund the expectation which remains”…. Negotiation can be advanced predominantly to whichever."

From sanspo.com, 11/13/06, a unit of Sankei Sports, google translation of Japanese

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