Monday, November 13, 2006

Will Matsuzaka's wife get a job at NESN as part of the deal?

"Matsuzaka is married to Tomoyo Shibata, a 31-year-old Nippon TV announcer, who is expected to join him in the States. The couple, who became involved during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and who now have a daughter, became embroiled in a national scandal while dating, on Matsuzaka's 20th birthday - Sept. 13, 2000. Matsuzaka drove to Shibata's apartment in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward with a suspended license. His car was towed for being illegally parked. Akira Kuroiwa, the pitcher's spokesman and a former Olympic bronze medalist in speed skating, claimed he was the person who had illegally parked the car. That led to legal trouble for Kuroiwa. Matsuzaka, the '99 Pacific League Rookie of the Year, meanwhile, was suspended by his embarrassed club.

Now more mature, Matsuzaka is ready for the major-league stage."

from article by Adam Rubin, NY Daily News, 11/5/06

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