Thursday, November 16, 2006

The NY Times shows it can't sell papers unless it knocks the Yanks

Murray Chass' latest evidence has the word "Yankees" in a negative context in the promo for his article on their sports section web page:
  • "The Yankees may come to regret trading Gary Sheffield because he was a big run producer in his first two years in the Bronx and had a rare ability to play through injuries."
(OK, Chass is still fuming that the Yankee principal owner wouldn't EASILY GIVE CHASS A MACHETE TO HELP SLICE THE TEAM TO RIBBONS THE OTHER DAY. Chass likes hob-nobbing in the back room with Selig & his other baseball politicos, and knows to stay their buddy he has to knock the Yanks). Then, WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? Chass wants to know why the Yanks couldn't keep Sheffield just as a DH? (For 3 years, Murray?) "The Tigers gave him the two-year extension he wanted, and he will be their designated hitter next season. Why couldn'’t he have been the Yankees' designated hitter?"
  • (It's really quite simple, Geez).

"Cashman said he didn'’t consider the idea "because I don't like Giambi at first base."

  • "He meant he wanted to leave the D.H. spot open for Giambi instead of having him play first base most of the time. "“I'’m looking for a right-hand-hitting first baseman," Cashman said.""
D'OH!!! Chass caught Cashman..I mean, everybody knows the deal about Giambi, how is that any big revelation? Finally,

"When Sheffield pummels those pitchers as the Tigers' designated hitter, the Yankees might see the error of their ways."

  • I agree with you, Sheffield will be pummeling whomever the Yankees wheel up to the pitcher's mound. But you must know there's more to it than that. Sheffield is a great hitter, but the DH position wasn't available, nor an outfield position, nor one for a 1B who's incapable of playing the position.
Quotes from article by Murray Chass, NY Times, 11/17/06

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