Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boras offerings, USA Today (Beltran's deal includes tennis ball machine)

'Want to know why the Detroit Tigers can afford to bump their payroll?

  • Boras says they received $40 million in revenue sharing and their franchise value increased by $60 million this season.

He has information disclosing SAN DIEGO PADRES OWNER JOHN MOORES will make $700 million on the property he bought around Petco Park. Boras also is admiring of Angels owner Arte Moreno, who spent $182 million on a franchise now worth $500 million.

  • By 2010, Boras says, no club in baseball will be worth less than $400 million.

"There are 18 teams out there who have more than $20 million to spend (on free agents) this year," Boras says, "and as many as eight who have more than ($30 million) to $40 million to spend. That's how well this industry is doing."

When asked to identify baseball's next great franchise, the one that could dominate the next 10 years, Boras doesn't hesitate.

  • "The New York Mets will be a juggernaut," Boras says. "They have so much money coming with their new TV deal, they could have the biggest payroll in baseball. They understand what it takes to win."

Oh, yes, the Mets just so happen to be among the major players in the Zito sweepstakes, joining the Angels, Dodgers, Rangers, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants and possibly New York Yankees.'

And did you know:

"The New York Mets are contracted to provide the finest 15-person luxury suite, as well as lease a tennis ball machine, to go with the $119 million they are paying center fielder Carlos Beltran."

from article by Bob Nightengale, USA Today, 11/14/05

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  • Everyone seems to be getting new stadiums other than us in Boston.

    I guess its either that or Matsuzaka.

    If he really is Japan's version of Pedro (in his prime), I guess I can suffer through those cramped seats and high ticket prices.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:34 AM  

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