Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sorry folks, THE MELODY LINGERS ON--more media hatred against Yankees

The headline on 11/10/06 is "TIGERS STICK IT TO YANKS--FOR NOW." It's on the NBC sports website by "a Senior Baseball Editor of Rotoworld" and frequent contributor to NBC.com, Aaron Gleeman. Gleeman may have had nothing to do with the headline, in fact the article he wrote bore out almost nothing the headline promised. Aaron's a well known writer and Twins fan and his article is actually very informative and balanced.
  • There's a sentence at the end of the article guardedly predicting Sheffield might pay off a bit more in the short run, but the rest of it leans more in the opposite direction. The only crazy part being where Gleeman says the Yankees will now be in the free-agent market for a defensively challenged slugging outfielder. A striking statement, showing how even very smart people don't know everything. This is the last thing the Yankees want or need--you'd know that if you followed the team.
I'm happy if both the Tigers and Yankees did well for themselves, but whoever wrote this headline is totally ignorant of Sheffield's behavior in New York. Or, more likely, it's another example of TOTAL LACK OF ORIGINALITY IN BASEBALL MEDIA, REACHING FOR THE LOWEST HUMAN EMOTION.
  • NBC.com may just be desperate, or they want to help Gleeman's career. YOU WILL NOT ADVANCE AT ESPN, MLB, INC., etc., OR HAVE A CHANCE AT THE WRITERS' WING OF THE HOF UNLESS YOU KNOCK THE YANKEES.

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