Friday, January 06, 2006

Ken Rosenthal on XM---Spoke to Manny's agent & he denies Manny's comments about staying

Ken Rosenthal on the Beat now says Manny never said that he was staying in Boston, report was inaccurate. Genske says he's still open to Baltimore & others. Are many factors including Manny's wife also wanting out of Boston. Ken says Tejada is much more in demand. Re a deal with Abreu for Tejada, not a bad deal. A SS is more valuable than an OF, but Abreu has become a better on base guy, while Tejada is more of an all around slugger. Rosenthal on PRIOR: Would do the deal, says pitching is always more valuable. ON ANGELS: ROSENTHAL SAYS CUBS AND ANGELS ARE ACTUALLY IN BEST SHAPE TO GET INVOLVED IN THE TEJADA DEAL. ANGELS STILL HAVE GREAT MINOR LEAGUE TALENT, BUT GM BILL STONEMAN HAS ALWAYS BEEN SLOW TO MOVE ON DEALS. Ken sees Angels with 1 big deal left. Maybe Weaver.

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