Thursday, January 05, 2006

Phil Rogers, Chicago Tribune, on Damon, Konerko, & HOF voters

Teams should always try to sign free agents before the end of their qualifying year. Not easy, of course. In the case of Damon, the Red Sox didn't do that. But, they've succeeded in having the fan base feeling sorry for them, and being mad at Damon instead of the other way around. Says the White Sox were lucky that the Konerko situation worked out in their favor. Re: Mark Prior: Phil is VERY high on him. Re: HOF---doesn't understand other voters. Phil voted for 7 guys this year. Another voter, unnamed, who works for Phil's paper, only voted for ONE name. Not too many guys will get in at that rate. Rogers liked Andre Dawson, but didn't vote for Jim Rice; said he didn't come through in the post-season.

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