Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dibs & Kevin another dead silence about Rivera

Dibs & Kevin take the opportunity to minimize Mariano Rivera by allowing an inaccurate statement to go uncorrected. I've cited examples of their apparent sensitivity to the subject of Rivera before. Part of it may be that Dibs is a close friend of a national league reliever on the west coast, & wants that guy (Hoffman) to get the most recognition. Today's example: A caller looking at the 1931 Yankee team, noting 7 or more of them went to the HOF. The caller says, "YOU CAN'T PUT RELIEVERS IN BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T DONE IT. SO YOU CAN'T EVEN PUT IN MARIANO RIVERA." Comment from either Dibs or Kevin:
Dibs and Kevin know that Rollie Fingers & Dennis Eckersley are in the HOF. But they allowed the erroneous statement by the caller to go uncorrected.

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