Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mariano Rivera created this issue

The issue of fraudulent voting on this year's AL Cy Young award is now being discussed on XM MLB. I thank them for that. (Though they're not actually saying the voting was fraudulent). No one has mentioned Mariano Rivera's name in these 2 interviews, but since the NY Times published some of the voting results, it should be obvious that the AL Cy Young voting has lost all credibility. The fact that no one will mention Mariano's name is a clue to why this mess happened. He is a Yankee, and many small people harbor deep resentment about that. As one voter said, Rivera's success was part of the problem with voting for him. As most ESPN employees will continue to say, Mariano's had so many more opportunities. The prejudice is out in the open. Who's going to do something about it?

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