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Comments about state of baseball in Mexico and Puerto Rico on thread about Mets Spanish language radio moving from WQBU to ESPN Deportes

12/14/12, "Mets to 1050 ESPN Desportes," NY Radio Message Board

"Posted by David Gleason on December 14, 2012 at 12:21:08:

In Reply to: Mets to 1050 ESPN Desportes posted by Nick P on December 14, 2012 at 05:41:02:

Baseball is only a moderately significant sport in several of the northern states of Mexico. It is neither followed nor popular in the remaining 80% of the country. Soccer is by far the national sport of Mexico.

The Greater Antilles plus Nicaragua are the only places in Latin America where soccer is not significant. In Puerto Rico, basketball draws much larger crowds than baseball, which is considered an older person's sport. Baseball has some following in Venezuela, but, again, soccer dominates.

It's "ESPN Deportes" not "desportes.""


"DavidGleason.com" describes extensive experience in Spanish speaking radio. It may or may not be the same "Dave Gleason" above.


12/14/12, "Mets to 1050 ESPN Desportes," NY Radio Message Board

"Posted by Nick P on December 14, 2012 at 05:41:02:

"The Mets Spanish language radio rights are going to ESPN Desportes. They had been on 92.3 WQBU for the past three seasons (and for the previous 15 or so years on WADO). This raises three points:

Is this a prelude to the English language rights moving to ESPN when the WFAN contract expires? I guess that ESPN hopes it gives them an advantage. I suspect that the Mets would prefer to stay at WFAN if possible and if the money is close.

Also, is it as important for a Spanish language sports team to have professional sports radio rights as it is for an English language station?

Finally, I understand from reading this board (I've tried but my Spanish isn't good enough to follow ESPN Desportes) that ESPN Desportes is more oriented to Mexican sports. While baseball is popular among people of Mexican background, those of Dominican background (in general) are much more passionate. Does this mean anything about reorienting the focus about ESPN Desportes locally (does the station have local hosts)?

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