Friday, December 14, 2012

LA Angels converting press box to luxury seating, radio and tv broadcast booths to remain behind home plate

12/13/12, "Angels converting press box to luxury seating," LA Times, Mike DiGiovanna

"The Angels are in the process of converting their press box to a luxury seating area that will feature upgraded dining opportunities and amenities for about 80 fans, a move that will push writers covering the team to a new press box down the right-field line in Angel Stadium.

There will be no changes to the radio and television broadcast booths, which will remain on the club level behind home plate, or in the Diamond Club restaurant and seating areas on the lower level behind home plate.

“It really boils down to building revenue streams and finding as many ways as possible to grow,” said Tim Mead, Angels vice president of communications. “In talking to other teams, the seating behind home plate is a prime area to do things.”

A similar move several years ago by the Chicago White Sox,  who pushed writers far down the right-field line and up a level, was met with resistance by the media there, but the configuration has remained despite some objection from Commissioner Bud Selig.

Asked if the Angels had received permission from Major League Baseball to make the switch, Mead said, “This is not something we have to seek approval for.” Mead did talk to White Sox officials before deciding on the move.

“I know how things went there,” Mead said. “There were new sight lines, but people adjusted after a while. We’re going to try to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone.”" via Marc Carig twitter


11/26/12, "Angels Move Press Box Beyond RF Foul Pole," halosheaven.com, Rev. Halofan

"The writing is on the wall, or better yet... in the email... as the Angels have suddenly begun selling some amazing ten-game suite packages in the most enviable seats in the entire stadium - the press box... or make that the FORMER press box.

It appears that the new suites the Angels are selling are located smack dab above the Diamond Club where for decades the scribes of Anaheim have worshipped the Run Batted In while keeping the innovative bloggers at the gates. The press, less needed than ever with the self-promoting MLB Advanced Media (aka, the team websites) is being sent to the cheap seats.

In converting the press box to high-dollar seating inventory, is team President John "Buttercup" Carpino sending a message to the dinosaurs of the local Southern California media that they either play ball with the needs of the team or they get sent to the proverbial seating Siberia?

Have the Angels retaliated against the OC Register's Mark Whicker for his lame MVP Vote by moving their historic press box from behind home plate to far out beyond the right field foul pole near the Knothole Club?

Whicker voted for Miguel Cabrera for American League Most Valuable Player over Angels rookie sensation - and obvious choice for the award - Mike Trout.

History will not be kind to the Whickers of the world as fans adapt to new stats that better perceive the grand old game, but Carpino and his crony Dennis Kuhl don't appear to be waiting for history to mete out the punishment to the local media.

Instead of sucking up to the latest Tim Mead intern for a free seat right next to Arte Moreno's personal game box, now journalistic wannabees, bloggers, message board mavens and the old inkstained RBI-lovin' print crew like the ever-obese Whicker will all have to be satisfied with one of the worst seats in the house, far from the action, the seat of power and the good plumbing of in-basepath lavatories. Meanwhile, Albert Pujols and perhaps even Zack Greinke will have their contracts financed by perhaps the single best seating views for a baseball game on the West Coast.

Don't let those rubbery, room-temperature Knothole Club nachos spoil your season, Whicker." photo US Presswire via halosheaven

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