Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yankees to switch from StubHub to Ticketmaster, private sellers can still use StubHub. Angels and Cubs also dropping StubHub

12/10/12, "Yankees to drop StubHub, nearing deal with Ticketmaster," Newsday, Steven Marcus

"The Yankees are opting out of a five-year renewal between MLB and StubHub, an online service for buying and selling tickets, a person familiar with the development said Monday. The Angels and Cubs also will not participate, StubHub said. 

The Yankees are completing a deal with Ticketmaster that will, the source said, "be much more fan-friendly, have less fees and more accessibility." Ticketmaster spokesperson Jacqueline Peterson declined comment.

The Yankees believe the prices of their tickets on StubHub often are too far below the printed face value.

StubHub spokesperson Glen Lehrman said: "People are entitled to their opinion in terms of what they want to see the market price of their tickets. We can't control what the market is for Yankees tickets. We're a marketplace. People can list them for whatever they want."

Lehrman said the Yankees' departure will have a "pretty negligible" effect on the company's business and will not significantly affect the fans' access to reduced-price tickets. Private sellers still will be able to sell their Yankees tickets on StubHub.

"All it means is that we won't have an electronic integration with the Yankees," Lehrman said. "As part of our deal with Major League Baseball, it essentially allowed a [team] to type in their bar code directly into the StubHub system and it would populate a ticket information so the buyer could instantly download their ticket. [Now] the person who is selling the ticket will either FedEx it or upload an electronic file that the person can download."" "Photo credit: Jim McIsaac | Empty seats are seen in the seventh inning of Game 2 of the American League Championship Series between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium. (Oct. 14, 2012)"
10/20/12, Yankees posted "the lowest postseason team batting average (.188) in major league history." ESPN NY, J. Howard, "Despite evidence, Yankees in denial," Johnette Howard, ESPN NY


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