Saturday, December 15, 2012

Final out of San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series win in a crowded local radio booth was gratefully called by Dave Flemming

11/25/12, Ben Fong-Torres: "If you heard the World Series on KNBR [radio in San Francisco] and wondered why it was young Dave Flemming, and not lead play-by-play man Jon Miller, who called the final out, here's your answer. With all four Giants announcers (including mainly TV guys Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper) doing radio, the broadcast booth in Detroit was crowded, and Flemming got only one inning (the 6th), with the understanding that
And so it was. But after the Giants scored a run in the top of the inning, he offered Miller the microphone for the potential final out. "He's the voice of the Giants," said Flemming, "and was working for national radio (ESPN) in 2010, so he didn't do the final call for our broadcast that year." (Kuiper did.) Flemming continued: "Jon never flinched; just said, 'No, you do it.' I got a chance to do what very few broadcasters have done. Jon gave me a moment I won't forget. And I'd like to think I made a good call."

Actually, he hit it outta here! {sbox}" (p. 2)

11/25/12, "'Okay, Okay, I Wrote the Book' on Top 40," Ben Fong-Torres, SFGate.com

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