Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bob Costas had it exactly backwards-Alicia Colon

12/12/12, "The Dumbing Down Of Americans," Alicia Colon, Irish Examiner

"Then (Bob) Costas went on the O'Reilly Factor and continued to show his ignorance about the gun control issue. He expressed gratitude that no one else in that Aurora Colorado theatre was armed or there would have been additional carnage.

If Costas had done any research on how guns save lives, he would have known that in April this year in that same town of Aurora, a gunman shot and killed a woman in a crowded church and was stopped by a licensed gun owner before he could kill again.

Superficial thinking has made many Americans vulnerable to demagogues, thieves and just plain liars. Unfortunately, the media and our government are full of the latter."...via Lucianne

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