Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Francesa and Penn State alum Kim Jones on WFAN provide riveting radio-commenters, with Update on Kim

Update 11/9/11, "CBS had her (Kim) on a bunch of their sports stations in other cities yesterday afternoon. I heard her on with former WFAN host Adam the Bull, on his afternoon show in Cleveland. I also heard her with Chad Dukes and former Penn State (and Washington Redskin) linebacker Lavar Arrington on WJFK-FM in DC (the former home of Howard Stern, Don & Mike and Opie & Anthony is now a sports station). She did a fantastic job in both of those spots, as she has been doing with Mike Francesa.
  • Really great work with just the right balance of fact gathering against reacting to the gravity of the story. Top notch."
Update, 11/8/11, Kim Jones on WFAN with Mike Francesa reports from Penn State, went to Paterno home. WFAN Francesa audio page item 3.
  • Kim Jones says players saw Sandusky (the rapist) last Friday morning working out in the Penn State players' weight room, that he frequently was there chatting up players.
11/7/11, "Mike Francesa and Kim Jones on Penn State scandal," NY Radio Message Board, posted by KCJackson on November 07, 2011 at 18:31:45:
  • "Once again, WFAN shows the sports radio world how to cover a huge developing story.

Kim Jones was coming to the station anyway to do her Monday night football show with Ed Coleman, but came in early and sat in with Mike from 4 pm until 6:30. As a PSU alum as well as a former beat reporter for Penn State football, Kim added not only opinion, but expert insight into how that school/program functioned on a daily basis. She and Mike held nothing back in their discussion with each other and callers, and it made for very compelling radio.

Kim will also go to State College and cover the regular weekly Paterno press conference Tuesday for the station and report throughout Mike's show.

Mike of course covered college football for CBS for years and he and Kim were able to speak on a level that would generally not be expected by what we'd consider "local" hosts. Outstanding job by both today."
  • ---------------
11/7/11, "Francesa riveting radio; killing Paterno," Boneyard.com
  • Commenter MetsFan2323
"Kim Jones (Penn State Alum) is on Francessa's show right now. It is absolutely riveting. If all Penn State Alums feel the way Kim Jones feels Paterno has coached his last game."
  • UConn Mike04
"It all comes down to that program as a whole. Francessa and Kim Jones are KILLING PSU right now. Francessa, being 100% correct for a change, is saying how Paterno had to have known about this b/c he IS PSU. He knows the whole police dept., how it's a small town, he said he knows if one of his players even remotely looks at someone the wrong way and how it's just despicable to think that he chose to protect the Penn State "brand" over those children."
  • MetsFan2323
"They are sending Kim Jones to Penn State tomorrow to cover Paterno's weekly press conference at 12:30. I'm sure they'll have it live on WFAN if it's not canceled. Jones covered the Penn State football team as a reporter when she went to school there. She is very close to the program and knows how it operates. She said there is no way Paterno did not know. The police report shows that a Penn State coach saw Sandusky sodomizing a young boy at the Penn State facilities and told Joe Pa. Sandusky continued to have access to the facilities up until Last Week! They all covered it up because they didn't want to tarnish the Penn State brand."


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