Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cory Provus new lead radio voice of Minnesota Twins

11/3/11, "Brewers begin search for new radio voice," MLB.com, McAlvy
  • "Twins' hiring of Provus creates vacancy alongside Uecker"
"The Brewers' search for Cory Provus' replacement was already under way on Thursday afternoon when the 33-year-old was introduced in Minneapolis
  • as the new lead radio voice of the Twins.

The move represents a promotion for Provus, who will pair with former Twins outfielder Dan Gladden beginning in Spring Training. The Brewers, meanwhile, need a new partner for Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Uecker and expect upward of 100 qualified candidates to garner serious consideration.

Vice president of communications Tyler Barnes will work with the Brewers' flagship station, Milwaukee's WTMJ-AM, to select a replacement for Provus, who had been calling games alongside Uecker for the past three seasons....

Barnes could not yet say whether the new hire would be an employee of WTMJ -- as were Provus and his predecessor, Jim Powell, who left for the Braves in December 2008 -- or an employee of the Brewers. Uecker and television broadcasters

  • Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder are Brewers employees."...via Radio Daily News


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