Saturday, November 05, 2011

Top executives removed from Tampa Tribune, WFLA Ch 8, poor Tampa economy cited

""There has been no economic recovery in Tampa since the downturn began in 2006," the memo said." "Media General replaced top executives in charge of the Tampa Tribune, Tampa NBC affiliate WFLA-Ch. 8 and TBO.com on Wednesday as part of a restructuring that eventually will include layoffs.

John Schueler, president of the company that controls Media General's Florida news operations, Florida Communications Group, has been transferred to an unspecified job in the company's Richmond, Va., headquarters.

Tampa Tribune publisher Denise Palmer, who also served as vice president of news for the Tampa market, and Cathy Helean, the company's Tampa vice president of marketing, also were replaced, with no new positions outlined.

The announcement came a day after the St. Petersburg Times announced a name change to the Tampa Bay Times effective Jan. 1....

"There has been no economic recovery in Tampa since the downturn began in 2006," the memo said. "The impact has been most significant on our print operations. … We do, however, need to improve the financial performance of the newspaper.""...
  • via Radio Daily News
Tampa is filled with poor people, lacks cohesiveness, and has been victimized by politicians. The global warming "industry" has siphoned off much of Florida's already fragile economy. Ignorant people keep saying the Tampa Bay Rays are victims of "apathetic fans." This idea was started by Rays ownership and was carried onto their radio broadcasts. I know this because it began when I lived there, I heard quotes from the owners, and I heard it discussed on radio. Now NY media says it like it's fact. Florida isn't what most people think. Its climate presents major problems and expenses that consume what little discretionary income people might have. If you want to breathe all year you must have air conditioning. The monthly bill for this can easily be higher than rent for many people. P.S. MLB is a major supporter of the global warming industry. ed.

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