Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pedro pleads for Dominican president to protect families from MLB mistreatment

11/20/10, Santo Domingo: "Former major league pitcher, Pedro Martinez, made a passionate appeal to President Leonel Fernandez to regulate the involvement of organized baseball organizations on particular issues and family of young talent in the Dominican Republic.

President Fernandez asked to intervene to stop this practice that "only occurs in the Dominican Republic."

"Help Mr. President to achieve a level of equality (of treatment) that gives players the United States," proclaimed Peter during his speech at the thematic panel on the business of the players, problems and solutions, which

  • also attended by former major league Barry Bonds, Juan Marichal and Sammy Sosa, and the director of the documentary "Buscón" Anthony Mayor, Astin Jacobo hustler and Mr. Charles Torres.

President Fernandez sees positive panel, after considering that "it is important to see the role of each person." He spoke of seeing the "business" and avoid "that our (players) are not deceived."

  • Fernandez was accompanied by a number of officials led by Luis Manuel Bonetti, Minister of the Presidency, and Victor Diaz Rúa, the Ministry of Public Works; Felipe Payano, Sports.

He was also Luis Mejia, president of the Dominican Olympic Committee and journalist Leo corporate, club Mauricio Báez.

"MLB has been very (too) strong" in its treatment of the talents and family, something that has been most dramatic in recent years, said Martinez, noting that these authorities are not going to any country where young prospects in baseball recruiting to make these inquiries.

  • Martinez's statements were corroborated by Marichal and James himself.

"We are the only country to give permission for such inquiries," added the winner of three Cy Young in the majors, who also questioned the work that the hustlers in the country, only to be engaged to draw talent particular benefits, neglecting the formation of these.

He recalled that in the United States have signed players to 22 and 23, while in the country disqualifies young players with 18 to 20 years "who can prove they have talent to reach the big leagues." He insisted on equal footing.

He recalled that before the young player is judged by their talent, many demands now made no requests to players from other countries, including those cited demands to speak English.

  • Other views in the panel also said Marichal, who described the theme of the documentary as "momentous" because it lays bare the reality of the baseball Nicaragua "teaching.

Considering that the reality experienced by the Dominican Republic is different because "we have come a long way, thanks to the efforts made by our governments, especially Leonel Fernandez."

  • However, he called young people to not only play baseball, but also to study in parallel with his love of baseball.

Sosa said he has established his own academy in San Pedro de Macoris and in the coming weeks will be opening to seek not only to create talent, but to train young people with opportunities outside of baseball."


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