Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'There is no England anymore.' House of Commons dismissed charges of dishonesty about ClimateGate emails, Phil Jones now says he did delete email.

Phil Jones is just a guy they brought in after the 'climate' racket was up and running. It would have continued without a word from him. The 'exonerations' were a sham. US taxpayers funded this "science" and our elected representatives are happy to accept the whole crime. They will be voted out in due course. From Shub Niggurath climate blog: "Jones, we are informed by Nature magazine, deleted the emails (5/29/08) from just “bravado”.

We just thought if they’re going to ask for more, we might as well not have them”

Apparently Jones deleted these emails, to “simplify his life”, by “not having them”, if they were requested by people “in the future”. Mindblowing.

  • The Nature article portrays Jones’ story through Climategate year One. He is shown as a sensitive man, sucked into a vortex of reactive maneuvers, outwitting critics, bloggers and sceptics, deleting emails in the process.

As much as one hopes for more transparency and data openness, one hopes Jones finds the right rationalizations to put his mind at rest first.

7/5/05, Phil Jones email said world has actually been cooling , but the scientific community would come down on him if he admitted it. "Nature" is a Macmillan publication. 5/6/10, Macmillan admitted
  • taking bribes related to Southern Sudan:
5/6/10, BBC: Macmillan Publishing faces a six-year ban from taking contracts financed by the World Bank after admitting bribes. Macmillan Publishing is the parent company of the prestigious "Nature" Magazine (not reportedly named in the action)."The World Bank Group has debarred Macmillan Limited... declaring the company ineligible to be awarded Bank-financed contracts for a period of six years in the wake of the company's admission of bribery payments relating to a trust fund-supported education project in Southern Sudan. ...
  • International donors have pumped millions into development projects in the African region through a

Macmillan told Reuters news agency it had reached a settlement with the bank."

  • Nature Magazine was the first to publish ClimateGate figure Michael Mann's "Hockey Stick" graph about alleged global warming in 1998. Following its acceptance by the prestigious journal, the United Nations Climate Reports of 2001 and beyond presented the Mann hockey stick as "settled science." Mann's hockey stick graph was used as a sales aid by Lehman Brothers to sell carbon trading financial schemes. Lehman Brothers' "Carbon Desk" is of course out of business.
"There is no England anymore." And earlier this year, Greenpeace exposed phoney carbon offset projects in
  • Bolivia,
No wonder Bolivia's president cares so much about "climate:" The End of Capitalism, Evo Morales, 12/17/09, ed.

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