Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pettitte speaks to children and young people in Dominican Republic 11/16

11/16, Boca Chica: "MLB pitcher, Andy Pettitte did yesterday a fervent appeal to young Dominicans who have a space for God in his heart and that money and fame is not all the world, while ensuring that his life was transformed when he felt the call of the Creator.
  • Pettitte, who has played 16 years in the majors, including 13 with the Yankees in New York, arrived yesterday at the invitation of "Score International" and was received by the entity's president, Ron Bishop and his staff of collaborators Ozoria Stadium here.

Mr. Bishop, president of Score International, said the reliever, Mariano Rivera, is also in the country for baseball clinics and testimony about God's word. Also Andy Benes, who played for the San Diego Padres and other stars of Major League Baseball.

  • Pettitte said he is very happy to be in the country and can carry a message of encouragement to the Dominicans, children and youth who love the game and to say that everything is fleeting, unless the word of God."
article from Hoy, 11/16, "Andy Pettitte seeks, God calls," by Jose Caceres, google translation from Spanish. photo, Pettitte speaks to hundreds of children and young people, Hoy
  • Andy Pettitte has gone out on a limb for his faith for many years. I believe he made brief PSA's mentioning how his faith helped him in the late 90's. In this case, he has taken time from the off season with his family to go to the Dominican Republic and speak to poor children, some of whom don't own a pair of shoes and see baseball as their only hope, about his experience and how it might help them. I have heard the media ridicule him when he has been seen carrying a bible. I'd rather ridicule people who are seen carrying machetes. ed.

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