Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Empty stadiums in Dominican except in the east

  • Beautiful stadium in Quisqueya, DR
11/14/10, "Several factors have been casualties and assists in the capital Santiago
  • Neither the fat woman and free ballots have led fans to play.
The environment looks nice, but the stadiums are empty,
  • except those located in the eastern region.

So, definitely the best promotion to bring fans to the park is to win games? The old "stage more cheerful of the Caribbean" Cibao stadium, however, looks empty canteen prices have been reduced to a minimum. Of course, in Santiago, and the Eagles are in the process of reconstruction, street crime and insecurity have exploded.

  • That could be part of the problem, but the reality is that cibaeño are not motivated to attend the stadium and complaints about the formation of the club will not wait.

Quisqueya Nor has the public been able to drag those called "good games", which in the past Aguilas and Licey starred mainly, and Licey and Chosen, tangentially.

  • What about the economic situation could be another argument?

Of course, the crisis is evident, and consecutive games reduce the influx of that fan in the past went every day to the stadium, with the aggravating factor that the Capital canteen prices are prohibitive. Prices in the expansion of the bleachers have been reduced significantly ($ 150.00) and the "bad games" the bleachers are free.

  • And then what happens to the fan who will not go to play?

The lack of transportation could be another cause. This year, the OIE has not worked and it hurts the fan "on foot" living a little further away: The Mine, Villa Duarte, Cansino, Herrera, etc.

  • What about the quality of the event? Not the best, but not the worst. Sometimes the beginning have had less level.

Promotion? It is not institutional, but newspapers have been responsible for that line.

  • The television? A few years ago that have been televising every game, it is assumed that the fan on the play.

Is the parking? Works half, is another factor, but not definitive.

  • Why are the stages of this are going? The Stars and the Bulls have had the best start.

Insist, then the best promotion is to win games?

  • Yes, but you also need money, security, transportation security, more facilities to enter the parking lot, less straight, etc., Etc., Etc ..."

"The stadiums are empty," Primicias.com.do, 11/14, google translation from Spanish, photo from Primicias


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