Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nelson Cruz and Andy Pettitte speak to young people in Dominican Republic

11/17, Santo Domingo: "Thousands of children and young people gathered yesterday at stadiums Zafra Juan Bautista School in Los Mina and the Liga Deportiva La Javilla, Los Mameyes, to participate in baseball clinics, which joined the mighty slugger, Nelson Cruz, the Texas Rangers.

  • The first activity was in the Escuela La Zafra, on land where Norma Diaz drives the League and there Andy Pettitte, who played 13 seasons with the Yankees in New York, shared by several hours with thousands of young people who listened
  • and practiced in an orderly manner everything you said international guests are in the country thanks to the Congregation of "Score International" that spreads the word of God and Christian messages through baseball.

During his work, he could see the satisfaction on the faces of Nelson Cruz, Texas and Andy Pettitte, when preaching the word of God to the athletes and let them know that God is who can do everything and guide you the steps people on earth.

  • "Baseball gives money, fame, but it gives all, Jesus Christ is the one who can turn everything into Paza, goodness, but you have to approach it, find it," he said Andy Pettitte, who said he received the Lord at the age of 11 years and from there his life changed for the better.

After 11 am, Andy Pettitte moved to the League's Javilla with more than 53 years based in Los Mameyes where he was greeted by more than three athletes, their parents and friends who packed the stands to listen to wise counsel the Yankees left-hander....

  • Carmona said on Friday from three in the afternoon there will be a Mass in memory of the first year of the death of the leader and creator of the League, Juan José Carmona (Live) in sports facilities and on Saturday will formally established the "First Carmona Fellowship Cup Live, "where will trigger more than 32 baseball teams in all categories."

11/17, El Nuevo Diario, "Nelson Cruz and Pettitte give clinics to thousands in LM and La Javilla" photo El Nuevo Diario

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