Friday, August 13, 2010

Tony Paige on WFAN asks Duaner Sanchez about K-rod

Former Mets and MLB pitcher Duaner Sanchez chatted with Tony Paige on WFAN for about 17 minutes, 2:23-2:40AM. Tony asked him about Krod and he said approximately the following, acknowledging it's not an easy subject to speak about. He knew Krod since playing in 1999 and saw him as a person who kept himself apart from others. Sanchez said they got along, they talked from time to time, but that was it.
  • In response to Paige's question, he said the recent Krod story didn't surprise him one way or the other. That you can't really know about someone who keeps himself so apart from others, you can't really know what they'll do. He added that Krod is a great pitcher and athlete.
  • Paige asked about Sanchez' experience with the Mets after he was in his car accident in 2006 (which I recall was a very big deal because Sanchez was considered an elite pitcher at the time, it was much discussed on WFAN and I remember Mike Francesa did a telephone interview on the air with Sanchez after the accident).
Sanchez said not one person from the Mets called him after the accident, no one from management, not one player.
  • He also said when he played for the Pirates he never saw one media person in the clubhouse. When he got to New York, he couldn't figure out who all the people around were. Then he found out they were the media. He found they consider what they do to be a job, a way to feed their families. So, just chat with them, and move on. Duaner Sanchez now plays in an independent league for the Sussex Skyhawks.
The WFAN website has recently been redesigned.


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