Sunday, August 08, 2010

Why is Bob Davidson still working in the majors? -Bill Madden

8/7, "Thursday night in Miami, the Florida Marlins had a walk-off victory over the Phillies taken away from them when third-base umpire Bob Davidson egregiously blew the call on Gaby Sanchez's would-be tie-breaking base hit down the third-base line. Davidson called the ball foul despite all the replays showing it in fair territory before and after going over the bag.
  • Despite that, Davidson, characteristically, refused to ask for help. But then, what else to expect from the worst umpire in baseball, an umpire who historically has been involved in terrible calls - and subsequent ugly confrontations with players and managers alike.
This was an umpire who was fired by then-NL president Leonard Coleman years ago for general incompetence yet somehow allowed back into the fold by the MLB poobahs.
  • It wasn't like he got any better in exile either. Last month, Bud Selig got rid of Jimmie Lee Solomon, the VP of administration in charge of the umpires, and replaced him with Frank Robinson.
Selig did so because he is tired of being embarrassed by all the bad umpiring. To this, however, he needs to be asked two questions:
  • How much more embarrassing do you need, and why is Bob Davidson still working in the majors?"
from Bill Madden's NY Daily News column, 8/7/10, "It's a Madd, Madd, World," section, column title, "Signs of aging ominous to Yankees future as Alex Rodriguez continues to chase all-time home run mark"


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