Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Duaner Sanchez calls WFAN overnight show to defend Jerry Manuel

Former Mets reliever Duaner Sanchez called into Tony Paige's show on WFAN early this morning between 4:30-5:00AM saying he was prompted by too many callers bashing Mets manager Jerry Manuel. He said there's nothing wrong with Manuel, he's just been given nothing to work with. On Ollie Perez, Sanchez thinks he still has potential but for the sake of his career he should go to the minors, go to winter baseball, and get enough innings to be able to work out his problems.
  • He said Johan Santana is the smartest pitcher in baseball. Tony Paige pressed Sanchez as to what it's like being on a team that's not doing well, Sanchez said as a player you have to ignore all that and just do your best. Sanchez is currently pitching in a Canadian-American independent league for the Sussex Skyhawks, that he'll go back to the Dominican Republic in the winter and hopefully do well enough to make it back to MLB.
I looked on WFAN's website to see if they had a podcast of Tony Paige's interview with Sanchez and saw no mention of it. (The site has recently changed format). I didn't see overnight host Tony Paige's name on the site either. Sanchez said he's a frequent listener to Paige's show and this was his first time calling.


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