Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hall of Fame ballot changes announced that could affect Marvin Miller vote

7/31/10, "Trading Deadline downers for Yankees, Mets: Frustrated as foes improve," Bill Madden, NY Daily News

Because the Hall of Fame chose to announce it late Monday afternoon, after everyone had departed Cooperstown, its latest

But make no mistake: This is a significant change that may finally result in viable candidates actually being elected to the Hall, among them Marvin Miller, Allie Reynolds, Jacob Ruppert, Gil Hodges, Dave Concepcion and even George Steinbrenner.

It was replaced with three all-encompassing ballots by eras — pre-integration (1800's-1945), golden age (1946-72) and expansion age (1973-1989).

Most importantly, however, the composition of the ballots will be solely the responsibility of the Historical Review Committee,

In other words, there no longer will be any suggestion of politics, as was the case with the recent executives ballot in which Steinbrenner and equally controversial-but-impactful Oakland A's owner Charlie Finley were left off the ballot while beloved but less influential Royals owner Ewing Kauffman was on.

  • For whatever reason, Pat Gillick, who won World Series with the Blue Jays and Phillies and saved baseball in Seattle, wasn't on that ballot either.
The three new ballots will be voted on separately every three years and comprised of former players, managers, executives and umpires. This means, for example,

One unfortunate aspect of the new system, however, is the six-month eligibility waiting period for retired managers, meaning Bobby Cox and Lou Piniella will have to wait until the 2013 expansion ballot." ***

Reference: The 12 voters on the 2007 Hall of Fame Veterans/Pioneers panel, only 3 of whom--which 3 is not known-- voted for Marvin Miller:

From AP report following APSE meeting, 4/24/08:"(Donald) Fehr said

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