Friday, July 30, 2010

Protester unfurls Mexican flag on dash across Mets Citifield in New York. Why not?

The US government considers its borders and citizens to be garbage so why shouldn't everyone? Mets security personnel attempts to catch up with man carrying Mexican flag across the field during Mets game v Arizona Diamondbacks, 7/30/10, ap. Arizona won 9-6. If you did something like the above in Mexico, you'd likely be beaten, robbed, raped, and put in jail. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_nMLR3Feb9RM/TFB2vJcog2I/AAAAAAAAFfI/BD18DL_ADKA/s1600/decapitatedheadsmexicogiovanni.jpg Decapitated heads found in Mexico, a not uncommon occurrence. via Giovanni. 7/28/10, BBC, 8 decapitated heads found in Mexico, prison guards gave guns to prisoners and freed them to go on killing spree. (above photo from different event)
  • Trash on Arizona border, Rape Tree in background,
  • photo 3/16/09, Now Public
"Arizona Sheriff says cops are being killed by illegal aliens," Violence has reached epidemic proportions, April 20, 2010, cns news service Arizona deputy shot by illegal alien taken to hospital, 4/30, ap


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