Sunday, July 25, 2010

Leading climate exchange hacked by anti cap and trade protesters

"In a protest against carbon trading as a method for acting on climate change, on Friday, July 23 at just before midnight, the public website of the European Climate Exchange (ECX), the

In a public act of digital direct action, the ECX website was taken offline and replaced with a message in an effort to try to raise awareness about carbon trading as a dangerous false solution to the climate crisis, in support of the grassroots activists aiming to oppose the power structures and

  • companies profiteering from the dysfunctional Cap & Trade scheme....

In 2009 Friends of the Earth UK released a report warning that carbon trading could trigger a second 'sub-prime' style financial collapse and fail to protect the world from global warming catastrophe. A copy of the full report, 'A Dangerous Obsession', is available at: http://www.foe.co.uk/resource/reports/dangerous_obsession.pdf....

  • According to the hack message:
  • "The Cap and Trade system (as implemented in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme) has a whole range of issues:

* It's main purpose is not to reduce emissions, but to help polluters meet "reduction" targets in the cheapest way possible, in a business-as-usual scenario. * Leaves room for unverifiable manipulation. * Generates outrageous profits for big industry polluters, investors in fraudulent offset projects, opportunist traders and new 'marketplaces' such as the European Climate Exchange. * It distracts attention from the wider, systemic changes and collective political action that needs to be taken to tackle climate change and it's fundamental root causes.""

  • ****

"ECX website is unavailable due to technical reasons. We apologize for the incoveniency, and

  • expect to be online again soon."...

"The carbon markets themselves were designed by many of the same

and they adopt a similar logic."...2/1/09, Guardian UK, Reyes

  • via Tom Nelson
(Robert Redford, George Soros, and the NRDC shakedown crew have to be peeved). ed


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