Monday, July 19, 2010

Just tell the rubes it's anti-pollution, clean vs dirty, smart vs dumb, and patriotic too...

It's just about 'smart' air and 'national security'... "Cap and trade has certainly been demonized,” said Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.). “I think that’s unfortunate. ...
  • So we’ll just call it something different.”"...
George Bush The First set up the first cap and trade system:
  • "President George H.W. Bush proposed and signed into law the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments that set up a cap-and-trade system to reduce acid rain."...
An expert on word games was brought in to advise the left (specially helpful when trillions are at stake for Goldman Sachs and others):
  • "That means no longer referring to climate legislation by any one particular author, such as Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) or Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.). It’s also about
  • playing up the patriotism angle,
including the prospect of losing out to the Chinese on development of clean energy technologies."...
  • Then the word expert said to say the other side
  • likes "dirty fuel."
"In fact, climate bill advocates have been trying to implement ideas from Westen and other well-known wordsmiths over the past year." ... Just hide that this formalizes the falsehood that the American middle class is guilty of carbon crime and must pay billions in reparations. ed. Singapore. "Organized crime gangs are using carbon emissions trading schemes as fronts for money laundering, experts warned on Friday. The experts who attended a meeting of the Asia Pacific Money Laundering Group (APG) said crime syndicates were resorting to new methods to hide their illegal proceeds.
  • One “issue that we’ve looked at closely is money laundering associated with carbon emissions trading schemes,” APG executive secretary Gordon Hook said after the five-day meeting. ...
John Harrison, a security analyst, said that the emissions trading market was relatively new and
  • crime gangs were taking advantage of loopholes in regulation.
  • “They will use new markets to try and launder their money, and particularly if these new markets are not well regulated yet,” he said.
Hook said the region’s money-laundering activities had wider, international connections. 5/20/2009, A California cap and trade scam that made over $12 million illegally, has been kept quiet over several years and only earned the perpetrator one year of house arrest.


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