Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Call them racists"-unsurprising Journolist hate speech to silence opposing views. Updated with MUGSHOTS

"Respected and objective" manipulators of what Americans should and should not know, so far represent:
  • The New York Times, Washington Post,
  • Bloomberg News, Boston Globe,
  • Baltimore Sun, Time Magazine, Newsweek,
  • The Atlantic, Politico, CNN,
  • Columbia Journalism Review, Huffington Post, The Nation,
  • The New Republic, The Hill, Media Matters,
  • Guardian UK, Salon, 538, Grist,
  • Pew Economic Mobility Project, Center for American Progress,
  • MSNBC, Mother Jones, NPR, Wired
  • Talking Points Memo, Washington Independent
Above are some of the esteemed outlets represented on Journolist. UPDATE 7/25: MUGSHOTS OF KNOWN JOURNOLISTERS TO DATE


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