Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time Magazine said with Obama we'd be 'safe' now, we could 'sleep' now. Day 70 of neglect, human and animal cruelty

  • Cover, New Yorker Magazine, 11/17/2008
This ran immediately after Obama's election. Time Magazine among the breathless: "Why is the cover great? It doesn't do a victory dance. Rather, it whispers to the reader:
  • "Everything's okay now — we have our country back."
It's set at night, a time when creepy things happen, but also a time when people sleep, After 70 days, many offers of help, almost none accepted, storm season now beginning, Obama reports today he'll consider aid from 12 countries. 6/14, Washington Post, Eilperin: "Four weeks after the nation's worst environmental disaster, the Obama administration
  • saw no need to accept offers of state-of-the-art skimmers, miles of boom or technical assistance from nations
around the globe with experience fighting oil spills."... photo of suffering, oil soaked bird from Boston Globe. photo of beach from Drudge Report. Time Magazine and its friends were quite wrong. It has been articulated in the Obama Justice Dept. It is "payback time" for America. Why not? No one in the political class objects.

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