Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Judge says he won't decide Texas Rangers case based on media wishes...

  • 6/28, Forbes Sports Money, Maury Brown:
"“We will not decide based on what the fans want ... what the media wants ... what Mr. Ryan or Mr. Greenberg wants, or what (Baseball Commissioner) Bud Selig wants,” (Judge) Lynn declared from the bench.
  • If the revised plan falls short of satisfactorily addressing the interests of all affected parties, “I will deny confirmation, and we’re back to square one, and it will be on the heads of those who support this motion.”

This was all before Stephen Shimshak, an attorney representing the Commissioner’s Office, let the following fly after the phone conference was done, not knowing that the call was still on.

If the feeling of trepidation for the baseball interests in this case wind up to be true, as I reported for Forbes on Friday, the case becomes landmark as it will determine, not only for Major League Baseball, but all sports leagues,
  • who has the right to (be) selected as an owner within a league format.
A week from Friday (July 9) is coming up fast on the calendar. It seems then, and only then, will we know exactly where Judge Lynn is leaning."


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