Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G20 heavyweights drop pledges previously made in favor of climate profiteers

  • 6/27, Earth Times, Toronto
"The leaders of the world's 20 most powerful developed and developing states (G20) on Sunday dropped a pledge to invest in climate-friendly energy generation from their final summit statement. ...
  • instead reiterated leaders' "commitment to a green recovery and to sustainable global growth."
G20 members are deeply at odds over the climate question. ..."The issue shows that the G20 can't do everything," one diplomat commented drily. Summit host Canada, in particular, has fought against approving overly ambitious language on clean energy. ...
  • Environment group WWF reacted angrily to the omission. "They went through this document with a vacuum cleaner to remove any reference to clean energy. In the Pittsburgh G20 summit (in September 2009), there were 8 references to 'clean energy' -
  • in this one, there is zero," WWF climate expert Kim Carstensen said. "...
The text also watered down a Pittsburgh pledge to phase out subsidies of fossil fuels. The final version said that that pledge should only apply to "inefficient" subsidies "that encourage wasteful consumption.""... photo CaptainsQuarters

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